New Popular Business Books and Audio Books New Popular Business Books and Audio Books The Kelloggs : the battling brothers of Battle Creek 2017-09-05-05:00 Money honey : a simple 7-step guide for getting your financial $hit together 2017-11-09-05:00 The Bombshell businesswoman : how to become a bold, brave, and successful female entrepreneur 2017-11-03-05:00 The cilantro diaries : business lessons from the most unlikely places 2017-11-14-05:00 Put a shark in your tank : actionable steps to business success 2017-11-14-05:00 Cryptoassets : the innovative investor's guide to bitcoin and beyond 2017-11-14-05:00 Whitewash : the story of a weed killer, cancer, and the corruption of science 2017-11-03-05:00 The art of the Donald : lessons from America's philosopher-in-chief 2017-11-15-05:00 Be fierce : stop harassment and take your power back 2017-11-15-05:00 Building a storybrand : clarify your message so customers will listen 2017-11-15-05:00 The code of the extraordinary mind : ten unconventional laws to redefine your life & succeed on your own terms 2017-11-15-05:00 Discipline equals freedom : field manual 2017-11-15-05:00 Entrepreneurial you : monetize your expertise, create multiple income streams and thrive 2017-11-15-05:00 Finding my virginity : the new autobiography 2017-11-15-05:00 The four : the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google 2017-11-15-05:00 Hiding in the bathroom : an introvert's roadmap to getting out there (when you'd rather stay home) 2017-11-15-05:00 The Hollywood commandments : a spiritual guide to secular success 2017-11-15-05:00 How to think : a survival guide for a world at odds 2017-11-15-05:00 Permission to screw up : how I learned to lead by doing (almost) everything wrong 2017-11-15-05:00 The power of moments : why certain experiences have extraordinary impact 2017-11-15-05:00 Win bigly : persuasion in a world where facts don't matter 2017-11-15-05:00 You don't have to be a shark : creating your own success 2017-11-15-05:00