New Business Books New Business Books An act to establish the freedom of information 2019-07-10-05:00 Poor Law Union records 2019-04-08-05:00 The American bar : the artistry of mixing drinks 2019-08-02-05:00 Costovation : innovation that gives your customers exactly what they want - and nothing more 2019-08-01-05:00 Making markets work for Africa : markets, development, and competition law in Sub-Saharan Africa 2019-07-16-05:00 Chinese constitutionalism in a global context 2019-08-06-05:00 The colonisation and settlement of Taiwan, 1684-1945 : land tenure, law and Qing and Japanese policies 2019-08-06-05:00 Law and disaster : earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan 2019-07-31-05:00 Transnational crime : European and Chinese perspectives 2019-08-02-05:00 Constitution de la République du Sénégal : mai 2018 : texte consolidé, dernière révision intégrée ; Loi constitutionnelle no 2018-14 du 11 mai 2018 2019-06-10-05:00 Malcolm McDonald on value propositions : how to develop them, how to quantify them 2019-07-31-05:00 Creative career coaching : theory into practice 2019-08-06-05:00 Lean transportation management : using logistics as a strategic differentiator 2019-07-31-05:00 Corporate reorganisations in China : an empirical analysis 2019-08-06-05:00 Africa's business revolution : how to succeed in the world's next big growth market 2019-08-05-05:00 American entrepreneur : how 400 years of risk-takers, innovators, and business visionaries built the U.S.A. 2019-08-05-05:00 Artificial intelligence for HR : use AI to support and develop a successful workforce 2019-08-05-05:00 Data driven : harnessing data and AI to reinvent customer engagement 2019-08-07-05:00 Design thinking at work : how innovative organizations are embracing design 2019-08-07-05:00 Designing the future : how Ford, Toyota, and other world-class organizations use lean product development to drive innovation and transform their business 2019-08-07-05:00 Flow manufacturing--what went right, what went wrong : 101 mini-case studies that reveal lean's successes and failures 2019-08-07-05:00 Games and gamification in market research : increasing consumer engagement in research for business success 2019-08-08-05:00 Going horizontal : creating non-hierarchical organizations, one practice at a time 2019-08-08-05:00 Harvard Business Review leader's handbook : make an impact, inspire your organization, and get to the next level 2019-08-08-05:00 Humanity works : merging technologies and people for the workforce of the future 2019-08-08-05:00 The innovation navigator : transforming your organization in the era of digital design and collaborative culture 2019-07-31-05:00 Lean demand-driven procurement : how to apply lean thinking to your supply management processes 2019-07-31-05:00 Preventing and managing violence in organizations : workplace violence, targeted violence, and active shooters 2019-08-01-05:00 Product design and the supply chain : competing through design 2019-08-01-05:00 The respectful manager : the guide to successful management 2019-08-01-05:00 Rule 1 of investing : how to always be on the right side of the market 2019-08-01-05:00 Smart business : what Alibaba's success reveals about the future of strategy 2019-08-01-05:00 Transforming an idea into a business with design thinking : the structured approach from Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs and leaders 2019-08-02-05:00 Turning people into teams : rituals and routines that redesign how we work 2019-08-02-05:00 Workplace learning : how to build a culture of continuous employee development 2019-08-02-05:00 Energy law and policy 2019-08-07-05:00 Understanding the new European data protection rules 2019-08-02-05:00 Constitution béninoise du 11 décembre 1990 : révision avortée, que comprendre? 2019-06-10-05:00 Be a project motivator : unlock the secrets of strengths-based project management 2019-08-06-05:00 Humane capital : how to create a management shift to transform performance and profit 2019-08-08-05:00 Products that flow : circular business models and design strategies for fast moving consumer goods 2019-08-01-05:00 Trend trading for a living : learn the skills and gain the confidence to trade for a living 2019-08-02-05:00 The art of plain speaking : how to write and speak in a way that will impress the people that matter 2019-08-05-05:00 The critical few : energize your company's culture by choosing what really matters 2019-08-06-05:00 The only business writing book you'll ever need 2019-07-31-05:00 Persuasive copywriting : cut through the noise and communicate with impact 2019-07-31-05:00 Religious freedom in modern Russia 2019-08-01-05:00 Building an inclusive organization : leveraging the power of a diverse workforce 2019-08-06-05:00 Honorable in business : business ethics from a Christian perspective 2019-08-08-05:00 Myths of branding : a brand is just a logo, and other popular misconceptions 2019-07-31-05:00 Retail therapy : why the retail industry is broken-- and what can be done to fix it 2019-08-01-05:00 Using artificial intelligence in marketing : how to harness AI and maintain the competitive edge 2019-08-02-05:00 Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? : (and how to fix it) 2019-08-02-05:00 Illiberal transitional justice and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 2019-08-08-05:00 Digital cash : the unknown history of the anarchists, utopians, and technologists who built cryptocurrency 2019-08-05-05:00