MSU Library New Books MSU Library New Books History of Rome 2018-06-19-05:00 YaʼItyopỵā ʼandenatenā tagdārotoč 2021-06-29-05:00 Dreamers of the Horn : the story behind Ethiopian migration 2021-07-08-05:00 YaRāyā ḥezb yamānenat ṭeyāqénā yamangestāt melāš (ka1461 ʼeska 2012 ʻĀ.Me.) 2021-06-29-05:00 Conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo : part of the Pentalemma series on managing global dilemmas 2021-06-12-05:00 Canadian cities in transition : understanding contemporary urbanism 2021-06-12-05:00 In the shadow of Corinium : prehistoric and Roman occupation at Kingshill South, Cirencester, Gloucestershire 2021-07-01-05:00 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth : a portrait 2020-11-23-05:00 Early Christianity in South-West Britain : Wessex, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands 2021-07-07-05:00 Zambia must prosper 2020-10-13-05:00 Lettere dal carcere 2021-07-06-05:00 An American uprising in Second World War England : mutiny in the duchy 2021-06-28-05:00 Noopiming : the cure for White ladies 2021-06-23-05:00 Laughter, outrage and resistance : post-Trump TV satire in political discourse and dissent 2021-06-16-05:00 Helping immigrant children succeed : a look through research, experiences, and practical solutions 2021-06-15-05:00 Engaging the African diaspora in K-12 education 2021-06-15-05:00 ESPN and the changing sports media landscape 2021-06-15-05:00 The elites of the media versus the elites of politics in Poland 2021-06-15-05:00 L'esclavage en Haïti : entrecroisement des mémoires et enjeux de la patrimonialisation 2021-07-08-05:00 Une histoire du cinéma français 2021-07-08-05:00 This beautiful village 2021-07-09-05:00 Rejoicing at her wondrous vulva the young woman applauded herself ; My world has exploded a little bit 2021-07-07-05:00 Africa and Europe : a shared future 2021-06-10-05:00 One day I'll remember this. Volume II, 1987-1995 : diaries 2021-07-02-05:00 The Staffordshire Hoard : an Anglo-Saxon treasure 2021-07-02-05:00 Lisandro Alonso : habiter la nature, rêver le cinéma 2021-07-06-05:00 Mapping the Middle East 2021-06-23-05:00 Nancy Cunard : perfect stranger 2021-06-23-05:00 Content strategy for the Web 2021-06-23-05:00 HTML & CSS : design and build websites 2021-06-23-05:00 City on fire : the fight for Hong Kong 2021-07-02-05:00 City integration and tourism development in the Greater Bay Area, China 2021-06-12-05:00 Mediating empire : an English family in China 1817-1927 2021-06-16-05:00 Hunnic peoples in Central and South Asia : sources for their origin and history 2021-07-01-05:00 India and China : economics and soft power diplomacy 2021-07-23-05:00 Castellanos y leoneses : narración biográfica y prácticas de identificación 2021-07-06-05:00 Dickens & women reobserved 2021-06-12-05:00 Waves across the South : a new history of revolution and empire 2021-07-09-05:00 Exporting global jihad. Volume 2, Critical perspectives from Asia and North America 2021-07-02-05:00 Health news and responsibility : how frames create blame 2021-06-15-05:00 The body papers : a memoir 2021-07-02-05:00 Cambio social y agrícola en territorios campesinos : respuestas locales al régimen neoliberal en la frontera sur de México 2021-07-06-05:00 La democracia amenazada: ¿por que surgen los populismos? 2021-07-06-05:00 Psychological insights for understanding COVID-19 and families, parents, and children 2021-07-23-05:00 Advocacy for public health policy change : an urgent imperative 2021-06-10-05:00 African political activism in postcolonial France : state surveillance and social welfare 2021-07-23-05:00 Deindustrialization and casinos : a winning hand? 2021-07-23-05:00 Infanticide and filicide : foundations in maternal mental health forensics 2021-07-06-05:00 Dramaturgos españoles entre dos milenios 2021-07-06-05:00 Berdintasunerako bide luzea : Euskadiko emakumeak xx. mendean 2021-06-25-05:00 Las tres bodas de Manolita : el cura de Porlier, el Patronato de Redención de Penas y el nacimiento de la resistencia clandestina contra el franquismo, Madrid, 1940-1950 2021-06-25-05:00 Genetic crossroads : the Middle East and the science of human heredity 2021-06-23-05:00 In the long run : a cultural history of Broadway's hit plays 2021-06-23-05:00 The ultimate guide to raised bed gardening for beginners : how to grow flowers and vegetables in raised beds for a successful garden 2021-06-25-05:00 Journeys of faith : stories of pilgrimage from medieval Ireland 2021-07-07-05:00 Classical mythology : a guide to the mythical world of the Greeks and Romans 2021-06-12-05:00 The flood: the Akkadian sources : a new edition, commentary, and a literary discussion 2021-06-15-05:00 The medieval Luther 2021-06-16-05:00 La Guerra Civil española 80 años después : debate entre historiadores 2021-06-25-05:00 Portrait d'hôpital, Cameroun 2021-07-06-05:00 Cuerpo contra cuerpo 2021-07-06-05:00 Y mi palabra es la ley : AMLO en Palacio Nacional 2021-07-06-05:00 Zapata después de Zapata 2021-07-06-05:00 Zapata : documentos, arte, gráfica 2021-07-06-05:00 Climate change and infectious fish diseases 2021-06-12-05:00 Violence and democracy : the collapse of one-part dominant rule in India 2021-06-17-05:00 Teaching and learning in counselor education 2021-06-17-05:00 Campus carry : confronting a loaded issue in higher education 2021-06-12-05:00 Guérir en Afrique : promesses et transformations 2021-07-06-05:00 Evaluating and conducting research in audiology 2021-07-01-05:00 The good citizen : how a younger generation Is reshaping American politics 2021-06-15-05:00 European fairy tales from the Renaissance to the late Victorian era : the child of the fairy tale 2021-06-15-05:00 Games of strategy 2021-06-15-05:00 The starting line : Latina/o children, Texas schools, and national debates on early education 2021-07-02-05:00 The maritime world of early modern Britain 2021-06-16-05:00 Hadrian's Wall : creating division 2021-06-15-05:00 Imperial science : cable telegraphy and electrical physics in the Victorian British empire 2021-06-15-05:00 Henrietta Liston's travels : the Turkish journals, 1812-1820 2021-06-15-05:00 Earthing the myths : the myths, legends and early history of Ireland 2021-07-07-05:00 Heraldry & stained glass at Apothecaries' Hall 2021-06-15-05:00 The truth about modern slavery 2021-06-17-05:00 Donations to the Knights Hospitaller in Britain and Ireland, 1291-1400 2021-06-12-05:00 mPalermu, dancers, and other plays 2021-07-01-05:00 Great philosophical objections to artificial intelligence : the history and legacy of the AI wars 2021-06-15-05:00 As sobras de ontem 2021-07-01-05:00 Animal cognition : evolution, behavior and cognition 2021-07-02-05:00 Adam Boreel (1602-1665) : a Collegiant's attempt to reform Christianity 2021-06-10-05:00 Apollinaris of Laodicea : metaphrasis psalmorum 2021-06-10-05:00 Giles Firmin and the transatlantic Puritan tradition : polity, piety, and polemic 2021-06-15-05:00 The thirteenth-century animal turn : medieval and twenty-first-century perspectives 2021-07-02-05:00 The Oxford handbook of Scottish politics 2021-06-16-05:00 El estado del bienestar en España : crisis económicas y desigualdad : estudios en homenaje a Salvador Salort 2021-06-25-05:00 Galdós en San Quintín : la frustrada Casa-Museo santanderina y otros escritos 2021-06-25-05:00 La orca del Atlántico : Pedro Martínez y su clan en la trata de esclavos (1817-1867) 2021-06-25-05:00 Developing inviting schools : a beneficial framework for teaching and leading 2021-06-12-05:00 Handbook of university and professional careers in school psychology 2021-06-15-05:00 Historical instructional design cases : ID knowledge in context and practice 2021-06-15-05:00 Then, now, and why now : sixty years of change in education 2021-07-02-05:00 The big book of maker skills : tools & techniques for building great tech projects 2021-06-12-05:00 Getting started with Adafruit FLORA 2021-06-15-05:00 Make : getting started with CNC 2021-07-07-05:00 Make : props and costume armor : create realistic science fiction and fantasy weapons, armor, and accessories 2021-07-09-05:00 TinyML : machine learning with TensorFlow Lite on Arduino and ultra-low power microcontrollers 2021-07-02-05:00 In search of a kingdom : Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, and the perilous birth of the British Empire 2021-06-15-05:00 Ableism in academia : theorising experiences of disabilities and chronic illnesses in higher education 2021-06-10-05:00 Beyond free college : making higher education work for 21st-century students 2021-06-12-05:00 The 'BrainCanDo' handbook of teaching and learning : practical strategies to bring psychology and neuroscience into the classroom 2021-06-10-05:00 Changing higher education for a changing world 2021-06-12-05:00 A comprehensive critique of student evaluation of teaching : critical perspectives on validity, reliability, and impartiality 2021-06-12-05:00 Creating sustainable careers in student affairs : what ideal worker norms get wrong and how to make it right 2021-06-12-05:00 Designing the online learning experience : evidence-based principles and strategies 2021-06-30-05:00 Emotionally responsive practice : a path for schools that heal, infancy-grade 6 2021-07-07-05:00 Engaging learners through Zoom : strategies for virtual teaching across disciplines 2021-06-15-05:00 How to market a university : building value in a competitive environment 2021-06-15-05:00 Study abroad for pre- and in-service teachers : transformative learning on a global scale 2021-07-02-05:00 To know the world : a new vision for environmental learning 2021-07-02-05:00 Absent the archive : cultural traces of a massacre in Paris, 17 October 1961 2021-06-10-05:00 Bazaine 1870 : scapegoat for a nation 2021-06-12-05:00 The Black Prince and King Jean II of France : generalship in the Hundred Years War 2021-06-12-05:00 Crusaders and revolutionaries of the thirteenth century : De Montfort 2021-06-12-05:00 La langue et le nombril : une histoire sociolinguistique du Québéc 2021-07-07-05:00 The making of a terrorist : Alexandre Rousselin and the French Revolution 2021-07-01-05:00 Science in the monastery : texts, manuscripts and learning at Saint-Bertin 2021-07-01-05:00 Writing Normandy : stories of saints and rulers 2021-07-08-05:00 Venice : the lion, the city, and the water 2021-06-17-05:00 Regional discourses on society and history : shaping the Caribbean 2021-07-09-05:00 Algorithms from THE BOOK 2021-06-10-05:00 Combinatorial mathematics 2021-06-12-05:00 Linear integral equations 2021-06-16-05:00 Mage Merlin's unsolved mathematical mysteries 2021-06-16-05:00 Maths and humour : solving everyday problems with mathematics 2021-07-01-05:00 Statistics for the social sciences : a general linear model approach 2021-06-17-05:00 Sup3r math : the power of numbers for good and evil 2021-06-17-05:00 All Lara's wars 2021-06-10-05:00 Between two fires : truth, ambition, and compromise in Putin's Russia 2021-06-12-05:00 Beyond beyond 2021-06-12-05:00 Beyond the north wind : Russia in recipes and lore 2021-06-12-05:00 Choosing a mother tongue : the politics of language and identity in Ukraine 2021-06-30-05:00 Insomnia 2021-06-15-05:00 Burnt sugar 2021-06-12-05:00 Delhi : new literatures on the megacity 2021-06-30-05:00 The Ho: living in a world of plenty : of social cohesion and ritual friendship on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, India 2021-06-15-05:00 Trúc Lâm Buddhism in Vietnam : its history, development, and legacy 2021-06-17-05:00 Bringing back the beaver : the story of one man's quest to rewild Britain's waterways 2021-06-12-05:00 Humphry Repton : landscape design in an age of revolution 2021-06-15-05:00 Just the job : how trades got their names 2021-06-15-05:00 Piers Plowman : the A version 2021-07-09-05:00 César Vallejo : un poeta del acontecimiento 2021-07-01-05:00 Learning environments and learning achievement in the Russian Federation : how school infrastructure and climate affect student success 2021-06-16-05:00 Regional integration and future cooperation initiatives in the Eurasian economic union 2021-06-25-05:00 The return of the Russian leviathan 2021-07-09-05:00 Rigged : America, Russia, and one hundred years of covert electoral interference 2021-06-16-05:00 Social and economic development in Central and Eastern Europe : stability and change after 1990 2021-07-02-05:00 Social distinctions in contemporary Russia : waiting for the middle-class society? 2021-07-02-05:00 Summer kitchens : recipes and reminiscences from every corner of Ukraine 2021-06-17-05:00 Sustainable development, leadership, and innovations 2021-06-17-05:00 The Szekler nation and medieval Hungary : politics, law and identity on the frontier 2021-06-17-05:00 Untraceable : a novel 2021-06-17-05:00 Anatomy of exercise for 50+ : a trainer's guide to staying fit over fifty 2021-06-10-05:00 Marching toward madness : how to save the games you always loved 2021-07-09-05:00 Policing black athletes : racial disconnect in sports 2021-07-01-05:00 Social issues in sport 2021-07-02-05:00 Sport public relations 2021-07-02-05:00 Strategic sport communication 2021-07-02-05:00 English local history : an introduction 2021-06-15-05:00 Human trafficking in medieval Europe : slavery, sexual exploitation, and prostitution 2021-07-01-05:00 Episcopal power and personality in medieval Europe, 900-1480 2021-07-07-05:00 Picts and Britons in the early medieval Irish church : travels west over the storm-swelled sea 2021-07-09-05:00 The visualization of knowledge in medieval and early modern Europe 2021-07-09-05:00 When the dead rise : narratives of the revenant, from the Middle Ages to the present day 2021-07-08-05:00 Hildegard of Bingen, Gospel interpreter 2021-07-07-05:00 The Findern manuscript : a new edition of the unique poems 2021-06-29-05:00 The history of Jerusalem : its origins to the early Middle Ages 2021-06-15-05:00 The infinite beauty of the world : Dante's encyclopedia and the names of God 2021-07-01-05:00 Astrology, almanacs, and the early modern English calendar 2021-06-28-05:00 Tracing the trails in the medieval world : epistemological explorations, orientation, and mapping in medieval literature 2021-07-08-05:00 Viking-age trade : silver, slaves and Gotland 2021-07-08-05:00 Waiting for the end of the world : new perspectives on natural disasters in medieval Europe 2021-07-02-05:00 Writing the military history of Pre-Crusade Europe : studies in sources and source criticism 2021-07-08-05:00 Illness and authority : disability in the life and lives of Francis of Assisi 2021-06-15-05:00 Medieval futurity : essays for the future of a queer medieval studies 2021-07-09-05:00 The empire at home : internal colonies and the end of Britain 2021-06-29-05:00 Sketches by Boz 2021-06-17-05:00 The structure of complex words 2021-07-02-05:00 The Victorian baby in print : infancy, infant care, and nineteenth-century popular culture 2021-06-17-05:00 Winston Churchill's illnesses 1886-1965 : courage, resilience and determination 2021-07-07-05:00 Women and work in Ireland : a half century of attitude and policy change 2021-07-08-05:00 Fighting in God's name : religion and conflict in local-global perspectives 2021-07-07-05:00 Guardian of the wall : Leo Pfeffer and the religion clauses of the First Amendment 2021-07-07-05:00 Taking God seriously : two different voices 2021-07-02-05:00 Veg(etari)an arguments in culture, history, and practice : the V word 2021-07-08-05:00 Shakespearean adaptation, race and memory in the new world 2021-07-02-05:00 Augustine's City of God : a reader's guide 2021-07-02-05:00 Charles Wesley in America : Georgia, Charleston, Boston 2021-06-28-05:00 Discourse research and religion : disciplinary use and interdisciplinary dialogues 2021-06-30-05:00 Evangelicalism and dissent in modern England and Wales 2021-06-29-05:00 Indigenous and Christian perspectives in dialogue : kairotic place and borders 2021-07-07-05:00 It is right and just : why the future of civilization depends on true religion 2021-06-15-05:00 John Stott's right hand : the untold story of Frances Whitehead 2021-07-07-05:00 Migrants in the profane : critical theory and the question of secularization 2021-07-09-05:00 New Rome wasn't built in a day : rethinking councils and controversy at early Constantinople 381-451 2021-07-09-05:00 On the ontology of the sacred (and the profane). Raymond Aaron Younis 2021-07-09-05:00 Percy Dearmer revisited : discerning authentically Anglican liturgy in a multicultural, ecumenical, twenty-first-century context 2021-07-09-05:00 Petition and performance in ancient Rome : the Apologies of Justin Martyr 2021-07-09-05:00 Preaching in/and the borderlands 2021-07-01-05:00 Secular surge : a new fault line in American politics 2021-07-02-05:00 Spirit possession and communication in religious and cultural contexts 2021-07-02-05:00 Understanding the religious priesthood : history, controversy, theology 2021-07-08-05:00 Universal salvation and freedom of choice according to Origen of Alexandria 2021-07-09-05:00 With radiant hope : timely and timeless reflections from George W. Truett 2021-07-08-05:00 Making Russia and Turkey great again? : Putin and Erdoğan in search of lost empires and autocratic power 2021-06-28-05:00 An anthology of British neo-latin literature 2021-06-28-05:00 Churchill : the contradictions of greatness 2021-06-30-05:00 A companion to the Cavendishes 2021-06-12-05:00 Dandy style : 250 years of British men's fashion 2021-06-30-05:00 England's islands in a sea of troubles 2021-06-15-05:00 A history of death in 17th century England 2021-07-01-05:00 Honour killing in Shakespeare 2021-07-07-05:00 The interest : how the British establishment resisted the abolition of slavery 2021-07-07-05:00 Negotiating abolition : the antislavery project in the British Strait Settlements, 1786-1843 2021-07-07-05:00 No return : the true story of how martyrs are made 2021-07-01-05:00 Police street powers and criminal justice : regulation and discretion in a time of change 2021-07-07-05:00 Reconstructing public housing : Liverpool's hidden history of collective alternatives 2021-07-07-05:00 Shakespeare and gender : sex and sexuality in Shakespeare's drama 2021-07-02-05:00 Shakespeare before Shakespeare : Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, and the Elizabethan state 2021-07-02-05:00 The shorter poems 2021-07-02-05:00 Strandhill : an illustrated history 2021-07-02-05:00 A tale of two twins : the Langevin experiment of a traveler to a star 2021-07-02-05:00 The terror raids of 1942 : the Baedeker blitz 2021-06-17-05:00 Thinking like a climate : governing a city in times of environmental change 2021-07-02-05:00 Time traveller's guide to regency Britain : a handbook for visitors to the years 1789-1830 2021-07-07-05:00 Tintawn and binder twine : the story of Eric Rigby-Jones and Irish Ropes 2021-07-02-05:00 Tourism and Brexit : travel, borders and identity 2021-07-02-05:00 Towards a general theory of boredom : a case study of Anglo and Russian society 2021-07-08-05:00 Transnational LGBT Activism and UK-Based NGOs : colonialism and power 2021-07-08-05:00 Women's medicine : sex, family planning and British female doctors in transnational perspective, 1920-70 2021-07-08-05:00 Young refugees and asylum seekers : the truth about Britain 2021-07-09-05:00 All the tiny moments blazing : a literary guide to suburban London 2021-07-02-05:00 British fascism after the Holocaust : from the birth of denial to the Notting Hill riots 1939-1958 2021-06-28-05:00 A defense of the humanities in a utilitarian age : imagining what we know, 1800-1850 2021-06-30-05:00 Dickens and the Bible : 'what providence meant' 2021-06-30-05:00 Empire and mobility in the long nineteenth century 2021-07-07-05:00 Excavations at Chester. the northern and eastern Roman extramural settlements : excavations 1990-2019 and other investigations 2021-07-07-05:00 Fictions of presence : theatre and novel in eighteenth-century Britain 2021-07-07-05:00 Henry Piers's continental travels, 1595-1598 2021-07-07-05:00 Jews in nineteenth-century Britain : charity, community and religion, 1830-1880 2021-07-07-05:00 The letters of Lady Anne Bacon 2021-07-07-05:00 Outbreak in the village : a family doctor's lifetime study of whooping cough 2021-07-09-05:00 Publishing Northanger Abbey : Jane Austen and the writing profession 2021-07-01-05:00 Richard Titmuss : a commitment to welfare 2021-07-07-05:00 Shakespeare and young adult literature : pairing and teaching 2021-07-09-05:00 The social context of technology : non-ferrous metalworking in later prehistoric Britain and Ireland 2021-07-02-05:00 Who was responsible for the troubles? : the Northern Ireland conflict 2021-07-08-05:00 Ecos sefarditas : Judeus na Amazônia 2021-06-23-05:00 A pré-história do Rio Grande do Norte 2021-06-23-05:00 História das epidemias 2021-06-23-05:00 A construção da identidade da criança negra pela ludicidade do jongo 2021-06-23-05:00 Não somos filhos sem pais : história e teologia do Batuque do Rio Grande do Sul 2021-06-23-05:00 Utopias latino-americanas : política, sociedade, cultura 2021-06-23-05:00 Cinema doméstico brasileiro (1920-1965) 2021-06-23-05:00 Aninhá Vaguretê : corpo e simbologia no ritual do Torém dos índios Tremembé 2021-07-08-05:00 Afro-Latinos em movimento : protesto negro e ativismo institucional no Brasil e na Colômbia 2021-06-29-05:00 Fronteiras de papel : os planos diretores da Belém metropolitana 2021-06-29-05:00 As origens da USP : raça, nação e branquitude na universidade 2021-06-29-05:00 O tempo dos governantes incidentais 2021-06-22-05:00 Mães infames, filhos venturosos : trabalho, pobreza, escravidão e emancipação no cotidiano de São Paulo (século XIX) 2021-06-29-05:00 Política como produto : "pra frente, Brasil", Roberto Farias e a ditadura militar 2021-06-29-05:00 O pânico como política : o Brasil no imaginário do lulismo em crise 2021-06-29-05:00 Quarenta e quatro em quarentena : conversas com Miguel Pinto Guimarães 2021-06-29-05:00 A ecologia como ideologia : os pequenos agricultores no sudoeste do Paraná, Brasil 2021-06-29-05:00 Austerity, welfare and work : exploring politics, geographies and inequalities 2021-06-28-05:00 Bridging boundaries in British migration history : in memoriam Eric Richards 2021-07-02-05:00 English education in India, 1715-1835 : half-caste, missionary, and secular stages 2021-07-07-05:00 Jacks, knaves and vagabonds : crime, law, and order in Tudor England 2021-07-07-05:00 Josephine Butler : a very brief history 2021-07-07-05:00 Measuring difference, numbering normal : setting the standards for disability in the interwar period 2021-07-09-05:00 Milton, Marvell, and the Dutch republic 2021-07-09-05:00 The mob and the mayor : persecution of the Salvation Army at the Victorian seaside 2021-07-07-05:00 Morris & Company : essays on fine printing 2021-07-09-05:00 Pauper voices, public opinion and workhouse reform in Mid-Victorian England : bearing witness 2021-07-01-05:00 Picture world : image, aesthetics, and victorian new media 2021-07-09-05:00 Scientific women : re-visioning women's scientific achievements and impacts 2021-07-02-05:00 Shakespeare & biography 2021-07-09-05:00 Shakespeare and the play scripts of private prayer 2021-07-09-05:00 Suffragette fascists : Emmeline Pankhurst and her right-wing followers 2021-07-02-05:00 A u-turn to the future : sustainable urban mobility since 1850 2021-07-09-05:00 Viral pandemics : from smallpox to COVID-19 2021-07-02-05:00 Winston Churchill in the British media : national and regional perspectives during the Second World War 2021-07-02-05:00 The Wodrow-Kenrick correspondence 1750-1810. Volume I, 1750-1783 2021-07-08-05:00 Worcester Magistrates Court : excavation of Romano-British homes and industry at Castle Street 2021-07-09-05:00 Criminology and public theology : on hope, mercy and restoration 2021-07-02-05:00 Ecclesiology 2021-07-07-05:00 Monotheism and faith in God - - -05:00 Militarized youth : the children of the FARC 2021-07-01-05:00 Environment and society in Byzantium, 650-1150 : between the oak and the olive 2021-06-29-05:00 Reading illegitimacy in early Iberian literature 2021-07-01-05:00 The Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola : contexts, sources, reception 2021-07-02-05:00 Irène Némirovsky's Russian influences : Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekhov 2021-07-01-05:00 Kristeva in America : re-imagining the exceptional 2021-07-01-05:00 The politics of print during the French Wars of Religion : literature and history in an age of "nothing said too soon" 2021-07-01-05:00 Transcultural migration in the novels of Hédi Bouraoui : a new Ulysses 2021-07-02-05:00 From the Kur to the Aras : a military history of Russia's move into the South Caucasus and the first Russo-Iranian war, 1801-1813 2021-06-29-05:00 Russian women and the end of Soviet socialism : everyday experiences of economic change 2021-07-01-05:00 Warfare in the Russian Arctic : the military history of Chukotka from the early 1st millennium to the 19th Century 2021-07-09-05:00 The new psychology of sport and exercise : the social identity approach 2021-07-09-05:00 The great war in American and British cinema, 1918-1938 : art amidst the ashes 2021-07-01-05:00 Psychopharmacology in British literature and culture, 1780-1900 2021-07-01-05:00 Reformation reputations : the power of the individual in English Reformation history 2021-07-01-05:00 Sir Humphrey Gilbert and the Elizabethan expedition : preparing for a voyage 2021-07-02-05:00 Winston S. Churchill and the shaping of the Middle East, 1919-1922 2021-07-07-05:00 Sexual orientation equality in schools : teacher advocacy and action research 2021-07-09-05:00 (H)amor⁴ propio 2021-06-29-05:00 Fútbol y sociedad en América Latina = Futebol e sociedade na América Latina 2021-06-29-05:00 Ribeyro : testimonios, ensayos académicos y artículos periodísticos 2021-06-29-05:00 La invasión de los alter egos : estudios sobre la autoficción y lo fantástico 2021-06-29-05:00 ¡Hay un barbudo en mi portada! : la etapa insurreccional cubana a través de los medios de comunicación y propaganda 1952-1958 2021-07-08-05:00 Viajar sola : identidad y experiencia de viaje en autoras hispanoamericanas 2021-06-29-05:00 Ganga. II 2021-06-30-05:00 Líneas de fuga : ciudadanía, frontera y sujeto migrante 2021-06-30-05:00 Impressions of Lucia Richard : literature, art and society in the Chile of the fifties 2021-07-08-05:00 Cuentos 2021-07-08-05:00 Los abismos 2021-06-30-05:00 Activismo, diversidad y género : derechos de las mujeres indígenas y afromexicanas en tiempos de violencias en México 2021-06-30-05:00 Bibliología e iconotextualidad : estudios interdisciplinarios sobre las relaciones entre textos e imágenes 2021-06-30-05:00 Cines latinoamericanos en circulación : en busca del público perdido 2021-06-30-05:00 Espacios marítimos y proyecciones culturales 2021-06-30-05:00 El poder de las plantas sagradas en el universo maya 2021-06-23-05:00 Practicar la interculturalidad en la escuela : experiencias en una comunidad maya de Yucatán 2021-07-01-05:00 Problemas del pasado americano 2021-06-23-05:00 Trabajo colectivo en el siglo XXI : formas y contextos entre grupos étnicos de Oaxaca 2021-07-01-05:00 La tipografía en México : ensayos históricos (siglos XVI al XIX) 2021-07-01-05:00 Emotional self-management in academia 2021-07-07-05:00 International perspectives on emerging trends and integrating research-based learning across the curriculum 2021-07-01-05:00 International perspectives on policies, practices & pedagogies for promoting social responsibility in higher education 2021-07-01-05:00 After Arminius : a historical introduction to Arminian theology 2021-06-28-05:00 Israel in Egypt : the land of Egypt as concept and reality for Jews in antiquity and the early medieval period 2021-07-07-05:00 The lives of Saint Constantina 2021-07-09-05:00 Northern European Reformations : transnational perspectives 2021-07-01-05:00 Nostra aetate, non-Christian religions, and interfaith relations 2021-07-01-05:00 The Oxford handbook of the minor prophets 2021-07-09-05:00 Reformed resurgence : the new Calvinist movement and the battle over American evangelicalism 2021-07-07-05:00 Religious revelation 2021-07-01-05:00 Secularization, desecularization, and toleration : cross-disciplinary challenges to a modern myth 2021-07-09-05:00 World Christianity : methodological considerations 2021-07-02-05:00 Resistance, resilience, and recovery from disasters : perspectives from Southeast Asia 2021-07-01-05:00 Electoral pledges in Britain since 1918 : the politics of promises 2021-06-29-05:00 The European Union and the Northern Ireland peace process 2021-06-29-05:00 Exile, diplomacy and texts : exchanges between Iberia and the British Isles, 1500-1767 2021-07-07-05:00 Florence Nightingale at home 2021-06-29-05:00 The great free trade myth : British foreign policy and East Asia since 1980 2021-07-01-05:00 Making respectable women : changing moralities, changing times 2021-07-01-05:00 Management and war : how organisations navigate conflict and build peace 2021-07-01-05:00 Postcolonial security : Britain, France, and West Africa's Cold War 2021-07-09-05:00 Religion, migration and business : faith, work and entrepreneurialism in the UK 2021-07-01-05:00 Shakespeare's serial returns in complex TV 2021-07-02-05:00 Thatcherism in the 21st century : the social and cultural legacy 2021-07-02-05:00 Tudor empire : the making of early modern Britain and the British Atlantic world, 1485-1603 2021-07-02-05:00 Unsafe spaces : ending sexual abuse in universities 2021-07-09-05:00 Visions and voice-hearing in medieval and early modern contexts 2021-07-08-05:00 All of the belles : the Montgomery stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald 2021-07-02-05:00 Bounds 2021-06-28-05:00 The care of strangers : a novel 2021-06-28-05:00 Coming up for air 2021-06-30-05:00 Earth angels 2021-07-07-05:00 The Edinburgh edition of the collected letters of Katherine Mansfield. Volume 1, Letters to correspondents A-J 2021-06-29-05:00 The ethical vision of George Eliot 2021-06-29-05:00 Fallen among Reformers : Miles Franklin, Modernity and the New Woman - - -05:00 Feminism, interrupted : disrupting power 2021-06-29-05:00 Gender and prestige in literature : contemporary Australian book culture 2021-06-29-05:00 Gender in organizations : the Icelandic female council manager 2021-07-07-05:00 Genders, sexualities, and spiritualities in African pentecostalism : 'your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit' 2021-06-29-05:00 Gloria Steinem : on integrity, empathy & authenticity 2021-07-07-05:00 Growing up with the Wild Bunch : the story of pioneer legend Josie Bassett 2021-07-07-05:00 I am faithful 2021-07-07-05:00 The lady's handbook for her mysterious illness : a memoir 2021-07-07-05:00 Lending a hand, seeing the world : memoir of an international volunteer 2021-07-01-05:00 Limits and languages in contemporary Irish women's poetry 2021-07-01-05:00 Little wonder : the fabulous story of Lottie Dod, the worlds first female sports superstar 2021-07-09-05:00 Marginalisation of older men : the lost boys 2021-07-01-05:00 The motion of the body through space : a novel 2021-07-09-05:00 The names of all the flowers 2021-07-09-05:00 The Olympic games : a critical approach 2021-07-09-05:00 The problem of the actress in modern German theater and thought 2021-07-09-05:00 Queen of the Negro Leagues : Effa Manley and the Newark Eagles 2021-07-01-05:00 The rhetoric and medicalization of pregnancy and childbirth in horror films 2021-07-01-05:00 She I dare not name : a spinster's meditations on life 2021-07-09-05:00 The smallest lights in the universe : a memoir 2021-07-09-05:00 Towards a new human being 2021-07-02-05:00 Vanishing 2021-07-09-05:00 When I say yes 2021-07-02-05:00 Will to win : New Zealand netball greats on team culture and leadership 2021-07-09-05:00 The Woman's Club of Evanston : a history 2021-07-02-05:00 Women warriors and national heroes : global histories 2021-07-02-05:00 Women's letters as life writing 1840-1885 2021-07-09-05:00 Writing wild : women poets, ramblers, and mavericks who shape how we see the natural world 2021-07-09-05:00 M.K. Gandhi, media, politics and society : new perspectives 2021-07-01-05:00 Richard Pococke's letters from the East (1737-1740) 2021-07-09-05:00 Colwall - - -05:00 Walsh, 1957 : acerca de Operación masacre 2021-07-01-05:00 Insumisas : diez mujeres de la historia de Rosario 2021-07-01-05:00 Sarmiento, el humorista de la república 2021-07-01-05:00 Vigilia de un sueño : apuntes sobre Juan Larrea en Córdoba, Argentina (1956-1980) 2021-06-22-05:00 Las traducciones argentinas de la Divina comedia : de Mitre a Borges 2021-07-01-05:00 Leonardo Favio 2021-07-01-05:00 Patrimonios : experiencias en debate 2021-07-01-05:00 El texto encuentra un cuerpo 2021-07-01-05:00 Imperio kitsch : ornamento y cultura en el cambio de milenio 2021-07-01-05:00 Literatura y biopolítica : el Río de la Plata como lecho mortuorio : (1980-2007) 2021-07-01-05:00 Juan Carlos Garavaglia : la pasión por la historia 2021-07-01-05:00 Escribir mujer, fundar nación : literatura y política en el Río de la Plata y Nueva Granada (1835-1853) 2021-07-01-05:00 Un mundo ch'ixi es posible : ensayos desde un presente en crisis 2021-07-01-05:00 Crónicas latinoamericanas 2021-07-01-05:00 El Fuerte Paz : en la Campaña al Desierto : (frente oeste) 2021-07-01-05:00 Cartografía argentina de la edición mundializada : modos de hacer y pensar el libro en el siglo XXI 2021-07-01-05:00 Alrededor del fogón : entre mitos y espantos de Caldas 2021-07-01-05:00 Reflexiones para la construcción de políticas públicas desde abajo en torno al desplazamiento forzado en Colombia 2021-07-01-05:00 Traslados y abandonos de ciudades y villas : Nuevo Reino de Granada y Popayán, siglos XVI y XVII 2021-07-01-05:00 Indianismo vs. Vivir Bien : la disputa vigente del indio en Bolivia 2021-07-01-05:00 Indios de papel : aproximaciones a la novela de tema indígena en Antioquia 2021-07-01-05:00 El arte antes de la historia : para una historia del arte andino antiguo 2021-07-01-05:00 La interculturalidad crítica como política de reconocimiento 2021-06-23-05:00 César Vallejo : un poeta del acontecimiento 2021-06-23-05:00 Hispanoamérica : la narrativa del posboom y otras tendencias 2021-06-22-05:00 El trienio constitucional : moderación, innovación y autonomía en el Reino de Guatemala, 1820-1823 2021-06-22-05:00 La verdad : una testigo de los mártires salvadoreños 2021-06-22-05:00 Memoria histórica del movimiento campesino de Chalatenango 2021-06-22-05:00 Memorias del Sumpul : testimonios del genocidio contra población campesina organizada en Las Aradas, Chalatenango, Chalatenango, mayo de 1980 2021-06-22-05:00 De objeto a sujeto : los esclavos ante la legislación y el poder colonial en Centroamérica, 1532-1600 2021-06-22-05:00 San Miguel y el Oriente salvadoreño : la construcción del Estado de El Salvador, 1780-1865 2021-06-22-05:00 Mas allá del duelo : otras formas de imaginar, sentir y pensar la memoria en Centroamérica 2021-06-22-05:00 Los hechos en El Mozote : una revisión histórica y antropológica 2021-06-22-05:00 El pensamiento de Francisco Morazán 2021-06-22-05:00 Cotidianidad revolucionaria : género, violencia y desencanto en la posguerra Salvadoreña 2021-06-22-05:00 Du vicariat du Kwango à l'Église local de Kikwit : cent ans d'évangélisation au Kwango-Kwilu et perspectives d'avenir 2021-07-08-05:00 Recherche scientifique et progression de la culture du niébé au Burkina Faso : (1970-2020) 2021-07-07-05:00 Development cooperation amid triple crises : UNFPA pursuit of transformative results in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 2017 to 2020 2021-07-02-05:00 América Latina : movimiento de capitales y su efecto sobre el modelo liderado por las exportaciones 2021-07-07-05:00 Del surco a la troje : mitos y textos sobre el maíz 2021-07-07-05:00 Dialéctica de la transformación social en América Latina 2021-07-07-05:00 Manuscritos mexicanos perdidos y recuperados 2021-07-07-05:00 La milpa y el bosque : agencia constructiva del ejido Monte Sinaí II El Fénix 2021-07-07-05:00 Neoliberalismo, utopías y financiamiento en México 2021-07-07-05:00 Ecological changes in the Zambezi River Basin 2021-07-02-05:00 Relatos fundacionales de la memoria histórica de la Compañía de Jesús en Nueva España 2021-07-07-05:00 #Enjeux2019-2024 : Sénégal, réflexions sur les défis d'une émergence 2021-07-07-05:00 Entre le pays et le lointain horizon : roman 2021-07-07-05:00 Género, identidad y patrimonio 2021-07-02-05:00 Sevilla : ciudad y mujer en la poesía de Joao Cabral de Melo Neto 2021-07-07-05:00 Issues in the 2019 general elections in Nigeria 2021-07-07-05:00 Lifting the veil of secrecy : perspectives on international taxation and capital flight from Africa 2021-07-07-05:00 Making Africa world's largest economy : media, culture and development : turning Africa into a donor "Nation" through broadcast content 2021-07-07-05:00 National management guidelines for the health sector prevention and response to gender based violence 2021-07-08-05:00 Politics and ideology in Tanzanian prose fiction in English 2021-07-07-05:00 Stories that make history : the experience and memories of the Japanese military comfort girls-women 2021-06-22-05:00 Women's experiences of the Second World War : exile, occupation and everyday life 2021-06-22-05:00 A bridgehead to Africa : German interest in the Ottoman Province of Tripoli (Libya) 1884-1918 2021-06-22-05:00 The Balkan route : historical transformations from Via Militaris to Autoput 2021-06-22-05:00 Dissenting POWs : from Vietnam's Hoa Lo Prison to America today 2021-06-22-05:00 Indo-American bilateral relations : politico-strategic partnership and the power dynamics 2021-06-22-05:00 JP to BJP : Bihar after Lalu and Nitish 2021-06-22-05:00 Winged bull : the extraordinary life of Henry Layard, the adventurer who discovered the lost city of Nineveh 2021-06-22-05:00 American republics : a continental history of the United States, 1783-1850 2021-06-22-05:00 50 things they don't want you to know about Trump 2021-06-22-05:00 Feminist daughters with military fathers : the forgotten legacy of rural Berber men 2021-06-22-05:00 There plant eyes : a personal and cultural history of blindness 2021-06-22-05:00 Mobilizing force : linking security threats, militarization, and civilian control 2021-06-22-05:00 The Last Fortress of Congress Dominance : Maharashtra Since the 1990s 2021-06-22-05:00 The bone fire 2021-06-22-05:00 Spanish national identity, colonial power, and the portrayal of Muslims and Jews during the Rif War (1909-27) 2021-06-22-05:00 Witness to the revolution : Jean-Baptiste Louvet, 1760-1797 2021-06-22-05:00 Brûlantes visions : photographies 2021-06-21-05:00 Voices 2021-06-21-05:00 An islander's journey, or, The adventures of Robin Rai 2021-06-22-05:00 Philosophy's violent sacred : Heidegger and Nietzsche through mimetic theory 2021-06-23-05:00 Bkejwanong dbaajmowinan = Stories of where the waters divide 2021-06-23-05:00 Francis Imbuga : the cherished footprints 2021-06-23-05:00 Inevitable desires. First love 2021-06-23-05:00 Acteurs publics et développement : l'épreuve de capabilités 2021-06-23-05:00 La communication sociopolitique des évêques du Cameroun de 1988 à 1998 : quelle église face au défi de la pertinence dans une Afrique en mutation? 2021-06-23-05:00 Les élites politiques du XXIème siècle : qui nous dirige? 2021-06-23-05:00 Monseigneur Jean Zoa, ou, La pierre d'angle ... au service de la vie : (orthodoxie et orthopraxie) 2021-06-23-05:00 Notions de sagesse basaa : par les expressions et les proverbes 2021-06-23-05:00 Méditations sur l'ancestralisme : essai 2021-06-23-05:00 The dawn of time 2021-06-23-05:00 The dynamics of identity politics : Interplay of ethnicity, religion and power in Ankole, Uganda, 1953-1993 2021-06-23-05:00 Fat cats & African farmers : speeches & stories 2021-06-23-05:00 Gender equality, HIV/AIDS and marriage : perspectives based on teachers' lived experiences 2021-06-23-05:00 Human rights violations in Uganda : the abuse of civil and political rights in the era of Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo 2021-06-23-05:00 A Kampala murder plot 2021-06-23-05:00 Uganda the birder's paradise 2021-06-23-05:00 Uganda's health sector through turbulent politics : (1958-2018) 2021-06-23-05:00 Umeme power : transforming Uganda 2021-06-23-05:00 Unveiling the female faces in labour union politics in Uganda 2021-06-23-05:00 Betrayal of public trust : a must read for all those in charge of public offices worldwide 2021-06-23-05:00 Ndagaanu Gihyaka mu Lugungu = The New Testament in Lugungu 2021-06-23-05:00 Invasion of the Nile Valley : 3100 BC-1804 AD 2021-06-23-05:00 Jesus Christ inculturated into Agĩkũyũ elderhood as Mŭthamaki (Ideal elder) : a third millennium fountain of hope, joyful love and ethical issues 2021-06-23-05:00 Pouvoir, ethnicité et média au Cameroun : analyse des productions ethniques et de leurs formes discursives dans la presse 2021-06-24-05:00 À la poursuite d'une rêve 2021-06-24-05:00 Pratique de la douane et du transit : comprendre la douane camerounaise et CEMAC 2021-06-24-05:00