MSU Library New Books MSU Library New Books Language, madness, and desire : on literature 2015-07-06-05:00 The institution of the seminary and the training of Catholic priests in south-eastern Nigeria, 1885-1970 : a historical evaluation 2021-12-07-05:00 Exodus : border crossings in Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts and images 2021-12-15-05:00 Transformando al mundo y a México : Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible 2030 : justicia, bienestar, igualdad y paz con perspectiva de género 2021-12-13-05:00 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth : a portrait 2020-11-23-05:00 Insularidades y puentes : estudios argentinos de literatura francesa y francófona 2021-12-13-05:00 Spreading ink blots from Da Nang to the DMZ : the origins and implementation of US Marine Corps counterinsurgency strategy in Vietnam, March 1965 to November 1968 2021-12-07-05:00 Speaking out : issues and controversies : an advanced Chinese reader = Ge shu ji jian : Han yu gao ji du ben 2021-12-17-05:00 Ces évangéliques derrière Trump : hégémonie, démonologie et fin du monde 2021-12-09-05:00 Groundwater and environment policies for Vietnam's Mekong Delta 2021-12-17-05:00 [En]quête de famille 2021-12-09-05:00 Ce qu'un patron peut faire : une sociologie politique des patronats 2021-12-09-05:00 La servitude électrique : du rêve de liberté à la prison numérique 2021-12-09-05:00 Quand l'esprit était français : Nicolas de L'Isle, "chevalier des Lumières" 2021-12-09-05:00 Maurice Joseph Giguet, le gendarme et le résistant (1918-2006) : repères biographiques 2021-12-09-05:00 Généalogies des corps de Donna Haraway : féminismes, diffractions, figurations 2021-12-09-05:00 Un hombre, mil negocios : la controvertida historia de Antonio López, marqués de Comillas 2021-12-13-05:00 Otros modos de ver : el microcosmos literario de Guadalupe Nettel 2021-12-10-05:00 The horse in the storm : a love story 2021-12-16-05:00 Understanding teacher education : (Nigerian perspective) 2021-12-14-05:00 Proceedings of the 18th International Conference & Annual General Meeting 2020 2021-12-14-05:00 Camels to cruisers : 100 years of police adventure in the Kalahari 2021-12-09-05:00 The blind man's race : a courtroom drama 2021-12-09-05:00 West Coast : a natural history 2021-12-14-05:00 Stress and anxiety : theory, practice and measurement 2021-12-17-05:00 Mestre Bimba : o sonho de Salomão 2021-12-13-05:00 Empowered by ancestors : controversy over the Imperial Temple in Song China (960-1279) 2021-12-08-05:00 Kindred voices : a literary history of medieval Anatolia 2021-12-08-05:00 Philippa Foot's metaethics 2021-12-08-05:00 Natural resource sovereignty and the right to development in Africa 2021-12-08-05:00 On the emergence and understanding of Asian global leadership 2021-12-08-05:00 Expressions of gender in the Altaic world : proceedings of the 56th annual meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC), Kocaeli, Turkey, July 7-12, 2013 2021-12-08-05:00 Three days in the country : a version of Turgenev's A month in the country 2021-12-08-05:00 Families on the margins : making space 2021-12-08-05:00 How important are superior numbers? : a reappraisal of Lanchester's square law 2021-12-07-05:00 Losing control : global security in the twenty-first century 2021-12-08-05:00 Lumière sur la réforme en santé au Nouveau-Brunswick : évolution, jeux d'acteurs et instruments 2021-12-08-05:00 How I became a tree 2021-12-07-05:00 Iron women : the ladies who helped build the railroad 2021-12-03-05:00 My remarkable journey : a memoir 2021-12-07-05:00 The Napa Valley wine industry : the organization of excellence 2021-12-07-05:00 Ponge, pastures, prairies 2021-12-07-05:00 Slow down and walk : a conversation 2021-12-02-05:00 Terror : when images become weapons 2021-12-02-05:00 This cleaving and this burning 2021-12-07-05:00 Walking Pepys's London 2021-12-07-05:00 Subjective well-being and social media 2021-12-08-05:00 Libraries, digital information, and COVID : practical applications and approaches to challenge and change 2021-12-08-05:00 Around the world in 80 plants 2021-12-02-05:00 Attached : the new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find--and keep--love 2021-12-03-05:00 Asia's energy revolution : China's role and new opportunities as markets transform and digitalise 2021-12-08-05:00 Medievalist traditions in nineteenth-century British culture : celebrating the calendar year 2021-12-03-05:00 Reconsidering Elizabeth Bowen's shorter fiction : dead reckoning 2021-12-03-05:00 Vozes consoantes : comunicação e cultura em tempos de pandemia 2021-12-16-05:00 Candomblé em tempos de crise : pensando a religião antes, durante e após a pandemia 2021-12-16-05:00 Dançando pra Iemanjá : verdades flexíveis e hermenêutica 2021-12-16-05:00 Crossing, trespassing, and subverting borders in Chicana writing 2021-12-07-05:00 Feminisms in the Nordic region : neoliberalism, nationalism and decolonial critique 2021-12-07-05:00 Heart, brain and mental health disparities for LGBTQ people of color 2021-12-07-05:00 Maternal abandonment and queer resistance in twenty-first-century Swedish literature 2021-12-06-05:00 Migrant protection and the city in the Americas 2021-12-06-05:00 Migration diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa : power, mobility, and the state 2021-12-07-05:00 A modern migration theory : an alternative economic approach to failed EU policy 2021-12-06-05:00 Mormon lifestyles : communicating religion and ethics in documentary media 2021-12-06-05:00 Napoleonic governance in the Netherlands and northwest Germany : conquest, incorporation, and integration 2021-12-07-05:00 Participatory governance in the Europe of cross-border regions : cooperation - boundaries - civil society 2021-12-15-05:00 Presidents, unified government and legislative control 2021-12-15-05:00 Remember me : memory and forgetting in the digital age 2021-12-06-05:00 Respectful atheism : a perspective on belief in God and each other 2021-12-07-05:00 Revealing Britain's systemic racism : the case of Meghan Markle and the royal family 2021-12-07-05:00 Revealing Greater Cahokia, North America's first native city : rediscovery and large-scale excavations of the East St. Louis Precinct 2021-12-07-05:00 Ringleaders of redemption : how medieval dance became sacred 2021-12-07-05:00 The rise and fall of a medieval family 2021-12-07-05:00 The rise and fall of the Orange Order during the famine years : from reformation to Dolly's Brae 2021-12-15-05:00 Self, divided 2021-12-07-05:00 Sovereign forces : everyday challenges to environmental governance in Latin America 2021-02-07-05:00 The space of sex : the porn aesthetic in contemporary film and television 2021-12-07-05:00 The storm is upon us : how QAnon became a movement, cult, and conspiracy theory of everything 2021-12-07-05:00 Teaching modernist women's writing in English 2021-12-07-05:00 Thomas à Kempis : his life and spiritual theology 2021-12-07-05:00 The tree experts : a history of professional arboriculture in Britain 2021-12-07-05:00 Trump and autobiography : corporate culture, political rhetoric, and interpretation 2021-12-07-05:00 TV 2021-12-07-05:00 Understanding social media : extensions of their users 2021-12-07-05:00 Urban narratives and the spaces of Rome : Pier Paolo Pasolini and the city 2021-12-15-05:00 The war on drugs and Anglo-American relations : lessons from Afghanistan, 2001-2011 2021-12-07-05:00 Repossessing Shanland : Myanmar, Thailand, and a nation-state deferred 2021-10-15-05:00 Les conflits armés au Nord-Katanga-RD Congo (1865-2015) : de Kasongo Kalombo au découpage territorial effectif 2021-12-16-05:00 Une page d'amour 2021-12-17-05:00 Les économies occultes de l'or blanc au Gabon 2021-12-16-05:00 Accidental pluralism : America and the religious politics of English expansion, 1497-1662 2021-11-29-05:00 Advances in poultry genetics and genomics 2021-11-29-05:00 Affective landscapes : representations of terrorism and violence by Basque female authors 2021-11-29-05:00 After the Black death : economy, society, and the law in fourteenth-century England, the Ford Lectures for 2019 2021-11-23-05:00 An arts therapeutic approach to maternal holding : developing healthy mother and child holding relationships 2021-11-29-05:00 At the frontiers of state responsibility : socio-economic rights and cooperation on migration 2021-11-29-05:00 Beyond Hellenistic epistemology : Arcesilaus and the destruction of stoic metaphysics 2021-11-29-05:00 Beyond kawaii : studying Japanese feminities at Cambridge 2021-11-29-05:00 The blood poems 2021-11-29-05:00 Bodies in doubt : an American history of intersex 2021-11-30-05:00 The bride in the cultural imagination : screen, stage, and literary productions 2021-11-30-05:00 Britain's rural Muslims : rethinking integration 2021-11-30-05:00 C'rona pandemic comics 2021-11-30-05:00 Caul baby : a novel 2021-11-30-05:00 Challenge and conformity : the religious lives of Orthodox Jewish women 2021-11-30-05:00 Clash of the capital ships : from the Yorkshire raid to Jutland 2021-11-30-05:00 Compassion in early modern literature and culture : feeling and practice 2021-11-30-05:00 Conducting research literature reviews : from the internet to paper 2021-11-30-05:00 Congress and U.S. foreign policy : activism, assertiveness, and acquiescence in a polarized era 2021-11-30-05:00 Consequences of context : how the social, political, and economic environment affects voting 2021-11-30-05:00 The constitutive rhetoric of 20th century Anglo-Saxon feminism : the role of the discourse and its strategies in the reproduction of social reality and power 2021-11-30-05:00 Contemporary health studies : an introduction 2021-11-30-05:00 Coronavirus news, markets and AI : the COVID-19 diaries 2021-11-30-05:00 A COVID charter, a better world 2021-11-30-05:00 Crony capitalism in US health care : anatomy of a dysfunctional system 2021-11-30-05:00 Crossing the American health care chasm : finding the path to bipartisan collaboration in national health care policy 2021-11-30-05:00 Determining Wuthering Heights : ideology, intertexts, tradition 2021-11-30-05:00 Diabetes in Native Chicago : an ethnography of identity, community, and care 2021-11-30-05:00 Digital contention in a divided society : social media, parades and protests in Northern Ireland 2021-11-30-05:00 Digital influence warfare in the age of social media 2021-11-30-05:00 Don't forget us here : lost and found at Guantánamo 2021-12-03-05:00 Edward Long's libel of Africa : the foundation of British racism 2021-12-06-05:00 Everyone knows your mother is a witch 2021-12-06-05:00 Facebook 2021-12-07-05:00 Fake it so real : a novel 2021-12-07-05:00 Fashioning Spain : from mantillas to Rosalía 2021-12-07-05:00 Fashioning the modern Middle East : gender, body, and nation 2021-12-07-05:00 Fundamentals of analytical chemistry 2021-12-07-05:00 The future of feminism in public relations and strategic communication : a socio-ecological model of influences 2021-12-07-05:00 The genealogy of modern feminist thinking : feminist thought as historical present 2021-12-07-05:00 Gerrymandering : the politics of redistricting in the United States 2021-12-07-05:00 Glass half-broken : shattering the barriers that still hold women back at work 2021-12-07-05:00 Global journalism : understanding world media systems 2021-12-10-05:00 The great guide : what David Hume can teach us about being human and living well 2021-12-10-05:00 Highly irregular : why tough, through, and dough don't rhyme-and other oddities of the English language 2021-12-10-05:00 Holding change : the way of emergent strategy facilitation and mediation 2021-12-10-05:00 Hope matters : why changing the way we think is critical to solving the environmental crisis 2021-12-10-05:00 How is a man supposed to be a man? : male childlessness--a life course disrupted 2021-12-10-05:00 How social movements (sometimes) matter 2021-12-10-05:00 How to fail as a popstar : a play 2021-12-10-05:00 I hate you--don't leave me : understanding the borderline personality 2021-12-10-05:00 I, warbot : the dawn of artificially intelligent conflict 2021-12-10-05:00 In a new light : histories of women and energy 2021-12-10-05:00 Indigenous women's theatre in Canada : a mechanism of decolonization 2021-12-10-05:00 Introduction to the biogeochemistry of soils 2021-12-10-05:00 Is austerity gendered? 2021-12-10-05:00 The language of feminine duty : articulating gender, culture, and covert policy in modern Japan 2021-12-10-05:00 Leaders without partisans : dealignment, media change, and the personalization of politics 2021-12-10-05:00 Leaving Coy's Hill : a novel 2021-12-10-05:00 Lesson in red : a novel 2021-12-10-05:00 Liberation movements and black-on-black survival love : it's no ordinary love 2021-12-10-05:00 The life of the mind : a novel 2021-12-10-05:00 Living like a girl : agency, social vulnerability and welfare measures in Europe and beyond 2021-12-10-05:00 Love and communication 2021-12-10-05:00 Mary Stuart 2021-12-10-05:00 Minorities in contact in the medieval Mediterranean 2021-12-10-05:00 The mysteries : a novel 2021-12-20-05:00 Narrative, identity and ethics in postcolonial Kenya : the Young Women's Christian Association 2021-12-20-05:00 Naturalized parrots of the world : distribution, ecology, and impacts of the world's most colorful colonizers 2021-12-20-05:00 Nigerian and Ghanaian women working in the Brussels red-light district 2021-12-20-05:00 On the digital semiosphere : culture, media and science for the anthropocene 2021-12-20-05:00 The path of no resistance : why overcoming is simpler than you think 2021-12-20-05:00 Perfect black 2021-12-20-05:00 Plantation Jesus : race, faith, & a new way forward 2021-12-20-05:00 Queer and indecent : an introduction to the theology of Marcella Althaus-Reid 2021-12-20-05:00 Real happiness at work : meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace 2021-12-22-05:00 Red, white, and black : rescuing American history from revisionists and race hustlers 2021-12-22-05:00 Religious hatred : prejudice, Islamophobia and antisemitism in global context 2021-12-22-05:00 Remote sympathy 2021-12-22-05:00 Resistance : righteous rage in the age of #MeToo 2021-12-22-05:00 The Roman army and the New Testament 2021-12-22-05:00 Romantic-era Irish women poets in English 2021-12-22-05:00 Routledge handbook of tennis : history, culture and politics 2021-12-22-05:00 Russia Today and conspiracy theories : people, power and politics on RT 2021-12-22-05:00 The science of Satyug : class, charisma, and vedic revivalism in the All World Gayatri Pariwar 2021-12-22-05:00 Screening American nostalgia : essays on pop culture constructions of past times 2021-12-22-05:00 Searching for a new Kenya : politics and social media on the streets of Mombasa 2021-12-22-05:00 Searching for Charlotte : the fascinating story of Australia's first children's author 2021-12-22-05:00 The self-compassion skills workbook : a 14-day plan to transform your relationship with yourself 2021-12-22-05:00 Sex with strangers 2021-12-22-05:00 Social media communication : concepts, practices, data, law and ethics 2021-12-22-05:00 The social, cultural and environmental costs of hyper-connectivity : sleeping through the revolution 2021-12-22-05:00 Southbound : essays on identity, inheritance, and social change 2021-12-22-05:00 Spatialities in Italian American women's literature : beyond the mean streets 2021-12-22-05:00 The strategy of denial : American defense in an age of great power conflict 2021-12-22-05:00 Swive [Elizabeth] 2021-12-22-05:00 Technical communication : a design-centric approach 2021-12-23-05:00 Teen TV 2021-12-23-05:00 This is how we come back stronger : feminist writers on turning crisis into change 2021-12-23-05:00 A thousand ships : a novel 2021-12-23-05:00 To the friend who did not save my life 2021-12-23-05:00 Transnational itineraries in Indian accounts of uprooting by women writers : South Asian women authors who have experienced migration to the USA 2021-12-23-05:00 Tree story 2021-12-23-05:00 An ugly truth : inside Facebook's battle for domination 2021-12-23-05:00 Undoing drugs : the untold story of harm reduction and the future of addiction 2021-12-23-05:00 Vera : a novel 2021-12-23-05:00 We are bridges : a memoir 2021-12-23-05:00 We run the tides : a novel 2021-12-23-05:00 White feminism : from the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind 2021-12-22-05:00 Willa Cather's Pittsburgh 2021-12-22-05:00 Women and gender in higher education : looking forward, looking back 2021-12-23-05:00 Women and nonviolence 2021-12-23-05:00 Women and politics : paths to power and political influence 2021-12-23-05:00 Women in European academies : from "patronae scientiarum" to path-breakers 2021-12-23-05:00 Women of a certain rage : life stories 2021-12-23-05:00 Women of the pandemic : stories from the frontlines of COVID-19 2021-12-23-05:00 Women's liberation! : Feminist writings that inspired a revolution & still can 2021-12-23-05:00 Youth on screen : representing young people in film and television 2021-12-23-05:00 The poetry of Meng Haoran 2021-12-02-05:00 Blood royal, or, the son of Milady 2021-12-15-05:00 Campaigning on Facebook in the 2019 European Parliament election : informing, interacting with, and mobilising voters 2021-12-15-05:00 Everything must change : philosophical lessons from lockdown 2021-12-15-05:00 A river in 'drought'? : environment and cultural ramifications of Old Kingdom climate change 2021-12-02-05:00 The material world of Eyre Hall : four centuries of Chesapeake history 2021-12-02-05:00 Sounds of laughter, shades of life : pleistocene to modern hominin occupations of the Bau de l'Aubesier rock shelter, Vaucluse, France 2021-12-02-05:00 Pathologies of Love in Classical Literature 2021-12-03-05:00 The Muslim problem : why we're wrong about Islam and why it matters 2021-12-20-05:00 Not dead yet : feminism, passion and women's liberation 2021-12-20-05:00 Pilgrimage : journeys of meaning 2021-12-15-05:00 Postwar politics, society and the folk revival in England, 1945-65 2021-12-17-05:00 Pure land in the making : Vietnamese Buddhism in the US Gulf South 2021-12-13-05:00 Queer(ing) gender in Italian women's writing : Maraini, Sapienza, Morante 2021-12-13-05:00 An R companion for the third edition of the fundamentals of political science research 2021-12-13-05:00 Radio activism : breaking the silence and empowering women 2021-12-13-05:00 Reclaiming the secret of love : feminism, imagination and sexual difference 2021-12-13-05:00 Regional differences in women entrepreneurship 2021-12-13-05:00 Research genres across languages : multilingual communication online 2021-12-13-05:00 Revolutionising politics : culture and conflict in England, 1620-60 2021-12-13-05:00 Ripples of the universe : spirituality in Sedona, Arizona 2021-12-13-05:00 Sauntering : writers walk Europe 2021-12-13-05:00 The selected writings of Pierre Hadot : philosophy as a practice 2021-12-14-05:00 Silchester revealed : the Iron Age and Roman town of Calleva 2021-12-14-05:00 The taming of the shrew : the state of play 2021-12-14-05:00 The thing about religion : an introduction to the material study of religions 2021-12-15-05:00 Tiger beetles of the southeastern United States : a field guide 2021-12-15-05:00 Time's monster : how history makes history 2021-12-15-05:00 Towards an equality of the sexes in early modern France 2021-12-15-05:00 Translating cultures : an introduction for translators, interpreters and mediators 2021-12-15-05:00 Transregional territories : crossing borders in the early modern Low Countries and beyond 2021-12-15-05:00 The Versailles effect : objects, lives, and afterlives of the domaine 2021-12-15-05:00 Vicarious narratives : a literary history of sympathy, 1750-1850 2021-12-15-05:00 Vigilante feminists and agents of destiny : violence, empowerment, and the teenage super/heroine 2021-12-15-05:00 When politics are sacralized : comparative perspectives on religious claims and nationalism 2021-12-16-05:00 Women and weapons in the Viking world : Amazons of the North 2021-12-16-05:00 Women in social semiotics and SFL : making a difference 2021-12-16-05:00 Women, men, and elections : policy supply and gendered voting behaviour in Western democracies 2021-12-16-05:00 Working in the bathtub : conversations with the immortal Dany Laferrière 2021-12-16-05:00 The worlds of medieval Europe 2021-12-16-05:00 Your child's weight : helping without harming : birth through adolescence 2021-12-16-05:00 The art of identification : forensics, surveillance, identity 2021-12-03-05:00 Below the stars : how the labor of working actors and extras shapes media production 2021-12-03-05:00 Competing with idiots : Herman and Joe Mankiewicz, a dual portrait 2021-12-03-05:00 Encountering the impossible : the fantastic in Hollywood fantasy cinema 2021-12-03-05:00 Giving the devil his due : Satan and cinema 2021-12-03-05:00 Infrathin : an experiment in micropoetics 2021-12-03-05:00 Jewish literature : a very short introduction 2021-12-03-05:00 Letters from Red Farm : the untold story of the friendship between Helen Keller and journalist Joseph Edgar Chamberlin 2021-12-03-05:00 Magic realism, world cinema and the avant-garde 2021-12-03-05:00 Movie mavens : US newspaper women take on the movies, 1914-1923 2021-12-03-05:00 Unholy trinity : state, church, and film in Mexico 2021-12-03-05:00 Beckett and Buddhism 2021-12-06-05:00 Boxes and books in early modern England : materiality, metaphor, containment 2021-12-06-05:00 Byron among the English poets : literary tradition and poetic legacy 2021-12-06-05:00 Cognition and girlhood in Shakespeare's world : rethinking female adolescence 2021-12-06-05:00 Creolized sexualities : undoing heteronormativity in the literary imagination of the Anglo-Caribbean 2021-12-06-05:00 Early Larkin 2021-12-06-05:00 Fine boys : a novel 2021-12-06-05:00 A ghost in the throat 2021-12-06-05:00 Landscape in Middle English romance : the medieval imagination and the natural world 2021-12-06-05:00 The novel and the problem of new life 2021-12-06-05:00 Representing the male : masculinity, genre and social context in six South Wales novels 2021-12-06-05:00 Scottish women's writing in the long nineteenth century : the romance of everyday life 2021-12-06-05:00 Star warriors of the modern Raj : materiality, mythology and technology of Indian science fiction 2021-12-06-05:00 Stylistic virtue and Victorian fiction : form, ethics and the novel 2021-12-06-05:00 Walter Scott and the greening of Scotland : emergent ecologies of a nation 2021-12-06-05:00 West African women in the diaspora : narratives of other spaces, other selves 2021-12-06-05:00 Christmas past : an anthology of seasonal stories from nineteenth-century America 2021-12-06-05:00 The city in American literature and culture 2021-12-06-05:00 Deconstructing Bret Easton Ellis : a Derridean reading of the fiction 2021-12-06-05:00 Elizabeth Bishop in context 2021-12-06-05:00 The ghost dancers : a novel 2021-12-06-05:00 Gothic utterance : voice, speech and death in the American gothic 2021-12-06-05:00 Mister Toebones : poems 2021-12-06-05:00 Names for light : a family history 2021-12-06-05:00 Norman Mailer in context 2021-12-06-05:00 Richard Wright in context 2021-12-06-05:00 To make Negro literature : writing, literary practice & African American authorship 2021-12-06-05:00 A past of possibilities : a history of what could have been 2021-12-15-05:00 How cities matter 2021-12-15-05:00 The quick and the dead : selected stories. 2021-12-15-05:00 Touching the unreachable : writing, skinship, modern Japan 2021-12-15-05:00 Artists' film 2021-12-07-05:00 Thomas Heywood and the classical tradition 2021-12-07-05:00 Ramadan Ramsey : a novel 2021-12-07-05:00 Stones : poems 2021-12-07-05:00 I can't breathe : how a racial hoax is killing America 2021-11-05-05:00 Babaylan sing back : Philippine shamans and voice, gender, and place 2021-12-21-05:00 Bots and beasts : what makes machines, animals, and people smart? 2021-12-21-05:00 The public insult playbook : how abusers in power undermine civil rights reform 2021-12-21-05:00 What makes us smart : the computational logic of human cognition 2021-12-21-05:00 Savoring God : comparative theopoetics 2021-12-21-05:00 Love as agape : the early Christian concept and modern discourse 2021-12-21-05:00 Destination elsewhere : displaced persons and their quest to leave postwar Europe 2021-12-21-05:00 Disunited nations : US foreign policy, anti-Americanism, and the rise of the new right 2021-12-21-05:00 The virtuous Wehrmacht : crafting the myth of the German soldier on the Eastern Front, 1941-1944 2021-12-21-05:00 Iceland's shelter-seeking behavior : from settlement to republic 2021-12-22-05:00 Writing the history of Mount Lebanon : church historians and Maronite identity 2021-12-22-05:00 After one hundred winters : in search of reconciliation on America's stolen lands 2021-12-22-05:00 The Black president : hope and fury in the age of Obama 2021-12-22-05:00 Nothing is impossible : America's reconciliation with Vietnam 2021-12-22-05:00 Rites of retaliation : civilization, soldiers, and campaigns in the American Civil War 2021-12-22-05:00 To address you as my friend : African Americans' letters to Abraham Lincoln 2021-12-22-05:00 Trumpism, Mexican America, and the struggle for Latinx citizenship 2021-12-22-05:00 The beloved border : humanity and hope in a contested land 2021-12-22-05:00 Once we were slaves : the extraordinary journey of a multiracial Jewish family 2021-12-22-05:00 Saturation : an elemental politics 2021-12-22-05:00 The Cambridge companion to environmental humanities 2021-12-23-05:00 Near human : border zones of species, life, and belonging 2021-12-23-05:00 American afterlives : reinventing death in the twenty-first century 2021-12-23-05:00 Fashion nation : picturing the United States in the long nineteenth century 2021-12-23-05:00 Baring unbearable sensualities : hip hop dance, bodies, race, and power 2021-12-23-05:00 The evolution of social behaviour 2021-12-17-05:00 Paradoxes of inequality in Renaissance Italy 2021-12-23-05:00 The Kurdish women's freedom movement : gender, body politics and militant feminities 2021-12-23-05:00 Real estate and global urban history 2021-12-23-05:00 The deconstruction of sex 2021-12-23-05:00 Latinas in the criminal justice system : victims, targets, and offenders 2021-12-23-05:00 Networked refugees : Palestinian reciprocity and remittances in the digital age 2021-12-23-05:00 Pain and shock in America : politics, advocacy, and the controversial treatment of people with disabilities 2021-12-23-05:00 Police matters : the everyday state and caste politics in south India, 1900-1975 2021-12-23-05:00 When people want punishment : retributive justice and the puzzle of authoritarian popularity 2021-12-23-05:00 Democracy administered : how public administration shapes representative government 2022-01-05-05:00 Democracy and executive power : policymaking accountability in the US, the UK, Germany, and France 2021-12-23-05:00 Outside looking in : lobbyists' views on civil discourse in U.S. state legislatures 2022-01-04-05:00 Persistence through peril : episodes of college life and academic endurance in the Civil War South 2022-01-04-05:00 Compugirls : how girls of color find and define themselves in the digital age 2022-01-04-05:00 What's public about public higher ed? : halting higher education's decline in the court of public opinion 2022-01-04-05:00 Complaint! 2022-01-04-05:00 The contest of the fruits 2022-01-04-05:00 Friendship and devotion, or three months in Louisiana 2022-01-05-05:00 Modes of play in eighteenth-century France 2022-01-05-05:00 Performative polemic : anti-absolutist pamphlets and their readers in late seventeenth-century France 2022-01-05-05:00 When a robot decides to die & other stories 2022-01-05-05:00 Along came Google : a history of library digitization 2022-01-05-05:00 Make to know : from spaces of uncertainty to creative discovery 2021-12-07-05:00 Ethnic constructs, royal dynasties and historical geography around the Black Sea littoral 2021-12-15-05:00 The Lumumba generation : African bourgeoisie and colonial distinction in the Belgian Congo 2021-12-15-05:00 Folds of past, present and future : reconfiguring contemporary histories of education 2021-12-15-05:00 Research through play : participatory methods in early childhood 2021-12-03-05:00 Multicultural curriculum transformation in literacy and language arts 2021-12-03-05:00 Against the map : the politics of geography in eighteenth-century Britain 2021-12-07-05:00 Beyond safety : risk, cosmopolitanism, and neoliberal contemporary life 2021-12-15-05:00 Extraction ecologies and the literature of the long exhaustion 2021-12-07-05:00 Monstrous textualities : writing the other in gothic narratives of resistance 2021-12-07-05:00 Black gathering : art, ecology, ungiven life 2021-12-07-05:00 Cry back my sea : 48 poems in 6 waves 2021-12-08-05:00 Empire's nursery : children's literature and the origins of the American century 2021-12-08-05:00 Extinction and the human : four American encounters 2021-12-08-05:00 Living artifact 2021-12-08-05:00 Machete : poems 2021-12-08-05:00 Sand, water, salt : managing the elements in literature of the American West, 1880-1925 2021-12-08-05:00 Thunderclouds in the forecast : a novel 2021-12-08-05:00 Feeling & knowing : making minds conscious 2021-12-06-05:00 The history of Galilee, 47 BCE to 1260 CE : from Josephus and Jesus to the crusades 2021-12-06-05:00 The rise of the Mongols : five chinese sources 2021-12-06-05:00 The spirit of resistance in music and spoken word of South Africa's Eastern Cape 2021-12-06-05:00 The approaching storm : Roosevelt, Wilson, Addams, and their clash over America's future 2021-12-06-05:00 The quiet zone : unraveling the mystery of a town suspended in silence 2021-12-15-05:00 She kills me : the true stories of history's deadliest women 2021-12-15-05:00 Revolutionary monsters : five men who turned liberation into tyranny 2021-12-15-05:00 The history of democracy has yet to be written : how we have to learn to govern all over again 2021-12-15-05:00 Now beacon, now sea : a son's memoir 2021-12-15-05:00 Sine ni Lav Diaz : a long take on the Filipino auteur 2021-12-15-05:00 Perfect dirt : and other things I've gotten wrong 2021-12-15-05:00 There it is : narratives of the Vietnam War 2021-12-15-05:00 Diti͡a zimy i drugie rasskazy 2021-12-20-05:00 Prichernomorʹe v kontekste rossiĭskoĭ t͡sivilizat͡sii : istorii͡a, politika, kulʹtura : materialy Mezhdunarodnoĭ nauchno-prakticheskoĭ konferent͡sii, Sevastopolʹ, 24-26 okti͡abri͡a 2019 g. 2021-12-20-05:00 Sot͡sialʹno-politicheskie riski v uslovii͡akh formirovanii͡a novogo mirovogo pori͡adka : k 110-letii͡u so dni͡a rozhdenii͡a A.A. Gromyko 2021-12-20-05:00 Zhiznʹ kilometrami : k 100-letii͡u Marka Veniaminovicha Fishmana i Niny Nikolaevny Kuzʹkokovoĭ 2021-12-20-05:00 Uralʹskiĭ oblastnoĭ voenno-promyshlennyĭ komitet : dela i li͡udi 2021-12-20-05:00 Chërnyĭ korshun russkoĭ smuty : istoricheskie ocherki 2021-12-20-05:00 Shchuchin (prezhde Shchuchin-Litovskiĭ) i evrei : istorii͡a, kholokost, nashi dni 2021-12-20-05:00 Interaktivnyĭ podkhod k opisanii͡u leksiki i grammatiki : monografii͡a 2021-12-20-05:00 "Takova nasha zhiznʹ v pisʹmakh" : pisʹma rodnym i druzʹi͡am, 1900-1950 2021-12-20-05:00 Pisʹma iz Moskvy ; Ustnai͡a rechʹ ; Mezhdometii͡a 2021-12-20-05:00 Nedavni͡ai͡a bylʹ : 1918-1923 : Peterburg - Sevastopolʹ - Bizerta - Riga : rasskazy 2021-12-20-05:00 Podvigi geroev Abazashty 2021-12-20-05:00 Po dorogam bylykh vremën (po materialam aktrisy M.A. Krestovskoĭ-Shpet) 2021-12-20-05:00 Akademik Komarov i ego vremi͡a (k 150-letii͡u so dni͡a rozhdenii͡a akademika V.L. Komarova) 2021-12-20-05:00 Nauka--gumanisticheskiĭ proekt 2021-12-20-05:00 Osipovichi i evrei : istorii͡a, Kholokost, nashi dni 2021-12-20-05:00 Glavnoe : osnovnye publikat͡sii Grigorii͡a I͡Avlinskogo v 2018-2019 godakh 2021-12-20-05:00 Khramy Karachevskogo uezda 2021-12-20-05:00 Istorii͡a i sluchaĭ : sbornik ocherkov-zarisovok 2021-12-20-05:00 Kulʹtura Vostochnogo Zabaĭkalʹi͡a v 1920-1930-e gody : monografii͡a 2021-12-20-05:00 Nat͡sionalʹnye literatury na sovremennom ėtape : nauchnye kont͡sept͡sii i gipotezy : kruglyĭ stol, posvi͡ashchennyĭ 80-letii͡u sozdanii͡a Instituta i͡azyka, literatury i iskusstva im. G. Ibragimova Akademii nauk Respubliki Tatarstan, 11 senti͡abri͡a 2019 goda, gorod Kazanʹ : sbornik stateĭ = National literatures at the present stage : scientific concepts and hypotheses : round table dedicated to the 80th anniversary of establishment of the G. Ibragimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, 11 September, 2019, Kazan 2021-12-20-05:00 Kvantovai͡a ėkonomika vzaimodeĭstviĭ : monografii͡a 2021-12-20-05:00 V.M. Shukshin, 1974 : v fotografii͡akh Anatolii͡a Kovtuna : alʹbom-katalog 2021-12-20-05:00 Kamenet͡s (Kamenet͡s-Litovskiĭ) i evreĭ : istorii͡a, kholokost, nashi dni 2021-12-20-05:00 Drui͡a i evrei : istorii͡a, kholokost, nashi dni 2021-12-20-05:00 LGBTQ activism in Turkey during 2010s : queer talkback 2021-12-07-05:00 Principles of modern fruit science 2021-12-10-05:00 Le prophétisme politique et ecclésial de Jeanne d'Arc 2021-12-10-05:00 Afro! 2021-12-10-05:00 Histoire du gauchisme : l'héritage de mai 68 2021-12-10-05:00 Histoires extraordinaires des Justes : portraits de 30 héros parmi les nations 2021-12-10-05:00 Échanges et métissage des cultures matérielles entre la Nouvelle-Aquitaine et les outre-mers (XVIIIe-XIXe siècles) 2021-12-10-05:00 Robespierre, les femmes et la Révolution 2021-12-10-05:00 Rompre les digues : roman 2021-12-10-05:00 Finance et calomnie : l'abbé Terray, ministre de Louis XV 2021-12-10-05:00 Le peuple invisible : enquête sur les délaissés de la République 2021-12-10-05:00 Les hommes de Bonaparte : la conquête du pouvoir, 1793-1800 2021-12-10-05:00 Barbed wire university : the untold story of the interned Jewish intellectuals who turned an island prison into the most remarkable school in the world 2021-12-20-05:00 The Ukrainian intelligentsia and genocide : the struggle for history, language, and culture in the 1920s and 1930s 2021-12-21-05:00 The Ottomans : khans, caesars, and caliphs 2021-12-21-05:00 Hindutva regime in Assam : saffron in the rainbow 2021-12-22-05:00 State vs. society in Northeast India : history, politics and the everyday 2021-12-22-05:00 Vessel : a memoir 2021-12-22-05:00 New perspectives on the Nigeria-Biafra War : no victor, no vanquished 2021-12-22-05:00 Alien nation : 36 true tales of immigration 2021-12-22-05:00 The loneliest Americans 2021-12-22-05:00 Nineties to now : the evolution of American popular culture 2021-12-22-05:00 Patriots and spies in revolutionary New York 2021-12-22-05:00 Photo-essays about Asian American women in Life magazine 1936 to 1965 : hidden narratives and breaking stereotypes 2021-12-22-05:00 Studies of communication in the 2020 presidential campaign 2021-12-22-05:00 Ecological solidarity and the Kurdish freedom movement : thought, practice, challenges, and opportunities 2021-12-23-05:00 The path to a livable future : a new politics to fight climate change, racism, and the next pandemic 2021-12-23-05:00 South Africa-China relations : between aspiration and reality in a new global order 2021-12-23-05:00 Revolutionary Tunisia : inequality, marginality, and power 2021-12-23-05:00 Harlots, whores & hackabouts : a history of sex for sale 2022-01-04-05:00 "Don't shoot, G-men!" : the FBI crime war, 1933-1939 2022-01-04-05:00 Biography : Dr. Embaye Woldemariam (1906-1953) 2021-12-14-05:00 Ideology and the politics of (in)exclusion 2021-12-16-05:00 Missa pagã 2021-12-16-05:00 Le Canada à la recherche d'une identité internationale 2021-12-16-05:00 La rivale de Dieu : roman 2021-12-16-05:00 Desigualdades territoriales en Ecuador : una perspectiva estructural desde las ciudades 2021-12-16-05:00 Filosofía de las existencias desde el cimarronaje : desaprenderes desde los márgenes 2021-12-16-05:00 Cartografía de los residuos sólidos en Ecuador 2020 2021-12-16-05:00 Invertebrate zoology : a tree of life approach 2021-12-16-05:00 Vivienda vernácula de Chalguayacu : espacio de vida 2021-12-16-05:00 Your life on purpose : how to find what matters & create the life you want 2021-12-16-05:00 Sur la route des hommes sans nom 2021-12-16-05:00 Soou o alarme : a crise do capitalismo para além da pandemia 2021-12-16-05:00 Quem quer (pode) ser negro no Brasil? 2021-12-16-05:00 Jardim secreto : educação como desejo de liberdade na diáspora africana 2021-12-16-05:00 Degeneração 2021-12-16-05:00 A ajuda norte-americana na formação dos trabalhadores brasileiros 2021-12-16-05:00 Maria Mulambo : Rainha da Luz na Escuridão 2021-12-16-05:00 A Casa : a história da seita de João de Deus 2021-12-16-05:00 Guerra contra Palmares : o manuscrito de 1678 2021-12-16-05:00 Pandemia e pandemônio : relatos indignados de um Brasil desgovernado 2021-12-16-05:00 Os candomblés de São Paulo : a velha magia na metrópole nova 2021-12-16-05:00 Practicing mindfulness : 75 essential meditations to reduce stress, improve mental health, and find peace in the everyday 2021-12-16-05:00 Préservez-nous du mal! : les Bordelais face à la peste : XIVe-XVIIIe siècles 2021-12-16-05:00 Nous vous aimons, Madame : Simone Veil, 1927-2017 2021-12-16-05:00 Retrain your brain : cognitive behavioral therapy in 7 weeks 2021-12-17-05:00 Understanding climate change : science, policy, and practice 2021-12-17-05:00 The archaeology of downtown Cahokia II : the 1960 excavation of Tract 15B 2021-12-17-05:00 On ikinci ve on üçüncü yüzyıllarda Bizans dünyasında değişim : bildiriler = Change in the Byzantine world in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries : proceedings 2021-12-17-05:00 Christian monastic life in early Islam 2021-12-17-05:00 Le roman en Afrique de l'Ouest anglophone et francophone : télescopage culturel et interférence linguistique 2021-12-17-05:00 Ethnobotany : a modern perspective 2021-12-17-05:00